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Helpt Painting.

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Hello Lads.

Ive searched and looked around the Topics in this forum but I felt i needed to Start My Own Thread. I Bacicly Wanna know What Paints to Use, Primers, Weather Condidtions, etc.. (Bacicly Everything).. :D

Here's What i have done so far:

1. Ive made a Explorer Style Guitar body from Beach Wood.

2. Sanded the Body With 80 Grit Sandpaper

3. Then Sanded at 180

5. Then 360

6. Then i finally Sanded the Body to 800.

It seems Pretty Smooth To Me But Im Very New To This.

Beach Wood Seems to Dint Quite Easily and there are serverl but not many Dints On the body, also very small dint's, you would not Notice these dints Unless you really Looks Close.

Am i on the Right Steping Stones to Painting the Guitar?

Im only 17years old and Have Very Little Experiance with painting.

Thanks Alot

Hope ye Can Help Me.


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If you want to know basically everything, all of your options are in the tutorial sections. I say options because there are so many different routes you can take. But here is some advice for now. TAKE YOUR TIME. Read all the info you can find, in this forum and elsewhere on the internet, before deciding on what sort of finish you want to use and what kind of tools, materials, etc. are required. Also, if you want to avoid all those little dents that usually occur keep an old beach towel handy to lay your project on.

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this is going to sound a lot harsher than i mean it to but if you're going to ask for help here you should slow down enough to consider the answers given to your questions. i know it's difficult to hold off when your excited about a project but sometimes waiting a bit results in a lot better finished product.

that being said..enamel is not the ideal finish (in my opinion only) for a guitar. it doesn't seem to hold up as well as others types of product. spray cans are fine. i've used spray polyeurathane and spray lacquer both with good results. but they seem to provide a harder finish than enamel. but the truth is that if you find you're not satisfied with the enamel you just start over. so good luck with your axe and let us know how it turns out.

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I've used enamel, there are pros and cons to everything. Concerning enamel, it doesn't hold a shine as long as poly or laquer. So you would have to polish it every now and then. It doesn't cure as hard as poly or laquer. Pros are it lays down nice and thick without sagging and running like laquer would. The thickness of one average coat of enamel would equal 3 coats of laquer. Its also much safer to use, ie. less flammable and less noxious fumes than laquer.

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:Dso I have my guitar striped down, now what, i want my guitar to have a Matte finish, how do that.  Anyone Help...

Sorry i dont really know how to get a Matt Finish, i would of thought that you would By Matt Paint in order to Get that Look.

SOrry BOut that......... keith

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well thanks, I already bought a black matte spray paint, so my question is? should I apply it lie that in th bare body of my guitar or Should I add some paint before, likea white base or something... :D

well i would of thought that You Could Put SOme Primer Down First and then start Your Spraying. But There are loads of people on this website that Could Help You.

What Is the Name/Make of the Matt Finish?


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I would suggest reading Reranch 101 at http://www.reranch.com/ .

Then, I would read it again just to be on the safe side.

Next, make a list of all the supplies you will need (primer, paint, clear, various grits of sandpaper, sanding blocks, naptha, any sealers or fillers) and purchase them.

If you do choose to work with enamel (and it would not be my first choice due to longer than average cure times), strongly consider making a painting jig. You will minimize the potential for runs in the finish (one of the side effects of using enamel). In addition, it will be easier to get a consistent coat on the guitar.

Good Luck!

Kit Dean

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One probelm that I had with enamel paint was that even after severl coats of clear coat and letting it sit for a while actually6 months before touching it again, it cracks and smudges and its just looks bad, I had a metallic black strat that I painted and after a few hours of playing it, I couldnt stand how smudged it looked. So now im sanding it in my basement and Im just going to go for a franken strat look and hang it up on my wall.

slain angels advice is probably your best bet, read the tut and follow LGMs instructions if you want a nice looking body

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