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Hairline Crack - Fix or Replace?

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:D I was attempting my first build/refinish project - a Saga P-Bass kit - when the body slipped off its hanger while spraying the first coat of color. There is now a hairline crack in the body - looking down on the back of the body it is just to the left of the two right screw holes for the neck and runs about 3 inches. It is also visible on the inside of the neck cavity, but only about 2 inches there.

I sanded off the finish around the crack and tried to use a 25 guage syringe to inject some Tight Bond glue, but the crack was so small I ended up wicking in as much as I could with my finger. I clamped it off to dry, and will check it again tonight after it has dried 24 hours.

My concern is that the even if the glue holds the crack for now, it will split wide open when I try to reattach the neck, meaning all the hours spraying clear coat, sanding, and polishing will be waisted.

Will my fix work, or should I just dump it and get another body?


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Thanks, guys for the advice. I gently fitted the neck in the neck pocket tonight (did not screw it down, though) and it didn't seem to have an adverse effect, i.e. the crack didn't get worse - maybe the glue will hold.

At any rate, I could sure use the practice, so I will continue with the finishing on the body that I have. A replacement would cost about another $50, and this was supposed to be an "inexpensive" project - at least that's what I told my wife! :o

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Just like cracks in bell's and other structure's you may want to drill a hole at the end of it then plug it. The hole will stop it from growing any further as well.

I usually end up taking a ball end bit for my dremel and actually widening the top surface before I fill it, seem'd easier to hide once it has been sanded smooth under the paint then trying to cover a hair line crack.

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