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Need To Thin Some Hard Purpleheart

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Hey guys,

I have got my basic template done now, and my body is a purpleheart back and quilted maple top. My question is I want to thin the purpleheart because of it being so damn heavy, I will use a good sized top to even out the thickness to 1 1/2", I don't own a thickness sander, would a good sized block planer work to get it to the size I want and then a large sanding block to get a smooth straight face before having to glue it to the top? Should I plane both sides of the blank or just one? Keep in mind purpleheart is very hard wood! If I do thin it to size would it be easier before or after I cut the body out from the block? Thanks for all the help, I learned from all of you planning is the key to successful guitar building! It also helps you to figure out exactly what you want before ruining a whole lot of wood. Jason

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if you don't have the tools available to make the router/planer shown contact a local cabinet shop or millwright. most will be happy to run your blanks through a planer or sander for a small fee.

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> user posted image

You want to know something funny, I had read your whole site entirely about a month ago or so! I even brought in my family to check out how great your work was and how cool and difficult the process of building a guitar was. At the time I didn't have my template built or even my wood bought, so I didn't even remember all the steps I had read through. I just bookmarked your site, it's very educational and helpful for anyone attempting to build a guitar. Thank you for your thoughts on my dilemma. I just found out today that one of my fathers coworkers builds guitars and he has no problems helping me. So I'm sure he'll have a thickness sander, but if not I'll be getting a router this week at some point, and I will build that table setup,seeing that it is very useful. Only problem is that the router I'm getting is only 1 hp it's the only one I can really afford, but it says it's variable speed and rpms go up to 28,000. So hopefully it will at least be enough for the neck pocket and pickup cavities if not more. Thanks very much for all your help and would like to see more of your projects and tutorials in the future! Jason

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