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P90 - Pots - Caps ...etc


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I apologize if this has been asked and I did not find it. I am building a a strat body guitar with two P90s. It will have only 1 vol and 1 tone control

I see the vals for HBs and basic SCs but would the vals for P90s be different that sya basic strat SCs...?

I am seeking nice warm blues tone that will get dirty but not dirty as most people apparently like.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I am leaning toward Kent Armstrong P90s but have not ruled out Lollar or Duncan

advice appreciated very much


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Yeah, there's a couple of us 'Bama boys 'round hyar - I'm just NW of Monkeytown, and Bill Jehle is from Decatur, IIRC. BTW, unless my memory fails me, Gibson used .02uF caps for everything (including the P-90s) back in the day, but since some of the "500K' pots they installed in those classics have been measured below 300K, it stands to reason that their caps probably had about the same tolerances, so their published specs are fairly meaningless. If you're into tweaking, you might try a selection of caps between .1 and .01uF to see if you can find the sweet spot for your playing style. Caps are cheap, so you can try a bunch without breaking the budget. HTH

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