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ibanez system of a down guitar

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just wondering if any ones got any close up pics of system of a down guitarist, daron malakian's guitar as i was thinking of doing it for a project and i know you cant buy it. Also, if its possible, to find out any hard ware that is on his guitar and angles. I'd apreciate it very muck. :D

Cheers Rob

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the guitar he plays is an Ibanez Iceman, like paul stanley from kiss used to play. it may be customized, but it's still an iceman. i think there should be some good pics in a catalog or maybe even on the website.

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cheers for the advice .I found a good site with some specs. I noticed that darons one has no pickup swicher and 4 knobs (2tone and 2 vol i think) but ifi makethis my self it shouldn't be a problem :D . I think i will make it out of swamp ash instead of bass wood as i have quite a bit left. cheers B)


P.S still wouldnt mind some more advice if any one hass some.

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Does anyone have a decent picture of the graphic on it? I have a customer wanting that graphic and we can't find a decent pic   :D

I wasn't sure which on you wanted, so I'll link to pics of three (?) of his custom Iceman guitars...

Crazy Graphic #1:


Crazy Graphic #2 (apparently a different guitar, I can't tell for sure):


Blue Sparkle Iceman: http://wrestlingcasa.tripod.com//sitebuild...pictures/s9.jpg

On a side note, that guy should NEVER take his shirt off in public. B)

(EDIT: Silly me, one more view of #1


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