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How To Make Neck Pocket Template

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I have a bolt on neck that I want to route a body for. I have alot of scrap plexiglass that I found in an abandoned building. I am wanting to make a router template out of this stuff but I am concerned how I will cut the plexiglass without melting it. Also is there any type of allowances I should make when cutting out the heel shape in the plexi?

Do I just trace out the heal and start cutting the plexi or is there some science to it?

I have alot of this stuff and I guess I will make some pickup templates using the same techniques you all give.


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Thanks Simo! :D

Did you see the body templates at the top of that page? It looks like you could use 1 template for routing the neck pocket the pickup cavities and everything else. Has anyone out there ever tried that?

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Thanks for that Simo. I'm not making a template but have a good amount of clear 1/8" abrasion-resistant" (one side) plexi and was looking for tips on how to form it. I know the stuff melts, :D jigsaw is definitely out. And I did have some fun at drilling a piece, gotta go slow, crack!

Gonna try my hand at cutting out a single coil size pickup mounting ring.

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