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Changing Inlays

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Of course you can change them but on a finished neck it's a bit tricky. Try the search facility as i'm sure there's a tutorial somewhere but basically; drill with a brad point bit the old one's out...superglue the new one's in. The problem you'll find is (sorry, i can't get on SMc's site for some reason at the moment) if it's a maple board it'll be laquered over so drilling out the old dots will make a mess and you'd really have to re clear the neck. Also, the fact that's a complete neck you'll have to make sure that all the dots are in at the same angle or else it'll look weird ! I'm sure i saw, within the last few days, that SMc's necks are made by Carvin (may be totally wrong) so why not give SMc's a call and see if they can offer the neck with different dot material as a special order....and no doubt for some SMALL upcharge, but it's better than making a mess of a new neck.

Jem. :D

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