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Is This The Correct Way Of Doing Stuff?

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hey guys, i have a black squire stratocaster that i wanna compltley redo the finish and i have read all of the guides and they have REALLY helped and was wondering if this is the best way of doing stuff:

1)use a paint stripper and apply layers and use a plastic scrapper to remove and do this numerous times

2)use some light sandpaper and sand off the remaining bit of paint until it is just a wood body

3)use a laquor and give the body a couple of coats of it

and that is where i get lost?????????

i am using poor mans spraypaint and i am using plasticote stuff, what type of aerosol can do i need and do i have to base the body in white primer?

sorry for all the questions its because i really wanna get this right

cheers guys


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Just pay attention when you work with paint stripper. Don'l let it too much time in contact with wood.

Use 220 grit to definitevely smooth all out.

Check for chips, scratches and fill them. All must be smooth.

Apply sanding sealer, about 4 coat. Check the instruction on label.

If you apply solid color go for a primer near your color. I seen around white for white, grey for middle to dark colors. Go fior the color if it is transparent.

Then clear coat your body.

Are you able to find Krylon spray cans? From discussions on this site they seem to work great.

And.... search for other infos. there are a lot of posts about.

Have you read the pinned area on finishing?

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cheers guys, i have used a heat gun and got rid off all the paint and there are no burn marks or darkening of the wood so i think that is was successful the only thing is, i have removed practically all of the black paint but underneath it is this green coat and i dont know how to get that off without burning the wood, maybe some paint stripper will do the job?

i shall post some pics to show you how it looks now and hopefully peeps can gimme some pointers

BTW:i used to use LOTS of aerosol cans for purposes and i know loads of brands, does any body know if montanas would be good?

:D cheers for all the help! :D

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i have now totally stripped the paint of put underneath that there is a weird and tough coat of green stuff and i would like to known how to remove it, any idead would be helpful?

also is this correct=

when it is sanded give the body a couple of coats of this stuf=


then spray the colour http://www.plastikote.com/plastikote/homef...roduct=Cracklin

finish it with this and sand and spray once more=


cheers guys

:D:D cheers B):D

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For the primer I know also this from PlastKote. I am not sure about color coat. Ok for the clear. Also if you could use a simple acrylic but Poly (also if that is mono and not bi-component so not a true ployurethane) look more deep.

Try to search in the automotive paint section for tha color coat.

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hey i FINALY got that green **** of, my brother gave me a product called "nitro something" and i workd perfectly, i accendentally got a few bits on my arm and the pain was terrible burned for ages but at least it is all of and now the body is clean.

next i am going to sand it and when that is done fil small holes with a product called "pollyfilla" made by polycell, is this the correct stuff to use as i tried it on a small hole and it worked ok and i did not even sand it down, what do you guys think?

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