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wohooo! my neck arrived! but...

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got the neck for my project today. mmmm.... maple...

anyway, it's an allparts neck and last time I looked in a catalog it said that the holes for the tuners were 10mm. But something's fishy. the hole is one diameter at one side and another at the other side (it's smaller at the rear). My old Gotoh tuners won't fit! I guess I'll have to use the drill (what drills should I be using?) if I want to use my Gotoh tuners... But maybe there are tuners that will fit without any modifications? anyone know?

I'm starting to think this will be my #1 for a long time...

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I bought some Gotoh tuners that I think were 10mm. I used a 25/64 bit and it produced a nice snug fit. I'd be interested to see what others are using though.

25/64? that's what I've been recommended for the threaded inserts for my floyd posts! anyone know what metric size that would be?

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ok, someone told me to use a reamer for making the holes larger (I'm still cursing allparts for not having drilled 10 mm straight holes). problem is, I don't know what a reamer looks like (or even what it's called in swedish). could anyone help me with this?

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