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Kreg Bandsaw Fence (right Group This Time)


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Whoops, I put this in the wrong group earlier.


Just got my new precision Kreg bandsaw fence last night. I have been upgrading my 14" Jet (riser block, 1/4" steel re-enforcing plate below table to eliminate flex, 5" dust port, fence, etc) and finally got a fence.

I had loooked at many, this one seemed as good or better than most. I have a bunch of tools and have to say that this one is a nice surprize. Packing: Excellent, Directions: top notch (for any brand saw), Instal: easy, quality: top notch, stability: top notch, accuracy and adjustment: excellent. Real decent piece of gear, I should have done it a LONG time ago.

I also have the micro guide and the tall resaw attachment coming today. Cost of the fence was around $100 from Amazon, the extras are $10-20 a piece I think.

Highly recommended.

Someday soon, I'll try to post my shop pics in the shop pics thread and include some closer pics of this fence. Wait till you see my January 1950 manufacture Delta Unisaw. It has the old 1.5hp induction motor that weigh 5000lbs and is about 2 foot in diameter. It kicks booty. HUGE torque and contrary to modern motor plates this one actually has MORE hp than what they claim on the plate.


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Anything that Kreg has put out does whart they say it will and more. I've talked to the owner a couple of times at shows and h'e the kind of guy you want to see make it because he really does produce things that do what he says, not just what his markets claim. I have a big box of stuff that looked like a good idea at the time. None of his stuff is in it. His pocket screw stuff is a lifesaver on commercial cabinet construction.

Old Delta stuff lets you see how far the industry fell during the 70's, 80's and 90's. I've got a Delta 5hp 3phase made right before the green junk came out of Delta/Rockwell. You really appreciate real horsepwer when you're bevel ripping a sheet of 1 1/8" material and it just goes through with no binding and burning. The new stuff, to give it its due is better, and the pricing is astonishing. I paid more, withour adjusting for inflation, for the tolls I bought in the 70's than I'm paying now. You newbies have no idea how good you've actually got it today economically.

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