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  1. Yes non piezo. The one thing I really don't like, is all the very bridge specific holes/routes. I'm not sure why it bugs me with this one vs a TOM setup or something, but it does.
  2. I grew up in Minnesota, and saunas were pretty common. Very large Scandinavian population there. Similar to your saunas on hot days, we would eat ice cream on cold days. Actually makes you feel warmer.
  3. Nice! I can't believe it's been that long since we've seen this.
  4. I thought “ha yeah”. And then “well, actually I don’t even sort of have space for that.” And then “I mean, the Workmate folds up, has been through hell and back and never complained” And then “you know what? I don’t think so.” If I had a bigger shop space, I’d ditch the Workmate for the Roubo faster than (insert your favorite faster than idiom here).
  5. Also - sick neck! How was the carbon to work with in neck shaping? I can’t even imagine.
  6. B and D will give you the best chance at really clean lines. As another option, consider nothing. As a brewer and graphic designer, I know how people like to name things, have logos, etc. Many times though it seems forced. I rarely name my beers anymore, the are just “Belgian number 8”. That said, I completely understand the pull. Drawing metal band logos and guitar company names was what led me into graphic design.
  7. Oh no no. Thats a picture I grabbed to show the jig. Most of my work is done on a trusty Workmate that has seen hell and back. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  8. Little curved rail jig would do the truss slot with a small router. Let me know if you need a 1971 quarter. I'm sure I could find one pretty easily.
  9. Nothing of value to add and don't want to trash up your thread. Love the idea of @Prostheta carving out a guitar with a butter knife and spit. Every time I see the back of Frankie, I think how much i would hate to have those reflectors on the back of my guitar grinding into my hip bone.
  10. Gotcha. Sounds like furring out the walls, and insulating is in order. That is what I did, and it also allows for easy electrical runs. Mine is a double car garage (that was never a garage), and for the garage doors I installed 2" thick hard foam insulation to the backside of the door panels. Helps with sound and heat retention from the heater. Not perfect, but better. This way I still have the doors for moving large stuff in and out (brewing gear, large lumber or sheet goods), use of a garage in the future and ability to air out if needed. It's great on nice days.
  11. Why Unimog when you can go all out Damnation Alley
  12. @ADFinlayson not sure if I understand exactly what you have going on, but it sound pretty similar to my shop when I started. I've got a finished ceiling, with garage doors/tracks which helps with heating but open rafters can a place to store some long materials. IMO, the first thing is electric. I furred out my walls all around, put in a sub panel for shop only. I wasn't sure on tool layout so when I ran new wiring for the whole shop I put in plenty of 110v and several 220v all around. Four outlets in the ceiling allow me to power shop lights. Then I had a gas heater installed. It was a chunk
  13. It's like a smuggler's Tele, except once you glue the top on you'll never get your stash back out.
  14. Just don’t go out and drive. My wife lived in Dallas for a few years and we determined that Texas doesn’t know how to drive in snow/ice. We are supposed to get 10”-12” in the next day or two, but I grew up in Minnesota and that will be like a little love tap.
  15. Usually someone asks me "hey you're into audio, what speakers should I get for my car?" My first response is always, you want an amp and a sub. New mains won't get you better sound right away, but a sub relieves the mains and allows them to do the detail and clarity without having to pump out the lower frequencies which move the cone more. I'd argue that you can actually use crappy main speakers with a decent amp/sub, and get better sound than you would with better mains alone. Usually they will say "but I'm not playing rap and I don't need t blast it and shake the car." The amp is there for h
  16. Uh oh, you pressed one of my buttons. The sub shouldn't push the lows beyond where they were intended. The sub will relieve the mains and allow them to do their thing. I bought a Rhythmik Audio servo sub for my HT and it is incredible. The servo cancels out distortion and the sub is super fast and clean. Instead of hearing the bass or being able to locate it - it just comes from everywhere. It's like the sound of distant rumbling thunder. Very visceral, but extremely clean and blends perfectly. My last car system was a 3-way active plus sub. The sub is an Illusion Audio carbon fiber sub
  17. Thanks! I don't know what I wrote in that thread, but for the acid process: You need one large container with the muratic acid in the bottom. Then another container with the hardware in it, floating on that. Then seal it. I;m not sure how long I left them in, but it wasn't crazy long, and you need to check on it. You can always do more. I'd do some Googling and see what others have done.
  18. Look at what I did to this hardware for a relicy build. Should have an organic vapor mask, rubber gloves, etc. Take great care.
  19. @Prostheta - I keep seeing and have been meaning to read Hitchens but never have. Any recommendations to start off with?
  20. Trump is a racist, a criminal, and has no place in the government of the U.S. There is nothing else to say.
  21. Well now, this is exactly the crap that is happening largely on the right. The fake news. The fear mongering disinformation war that the left is trying to stop. The biggest lie is that the safest election in our history was "rigged". In this case. the claim is that MSNBC is "the most biased", an anchor "called for drone strikes" on "anyone who isn;t a democrat". That is absurdly false, and dangerous. The anchor made a comparison of a politician voting for drone strikes against external terrorists inciting violence against the US, but why they wouldn't vote against convicting the pr
  22. What is Gus Gus's method of attack? I mean how does it win?
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