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Micro Plane Rotary Shaper


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I'm not a 100% on this but I think someone had posted this a while back, but I think it would work pretty good. It might be good for getting a rough cut close and then switching to a robosander to clean up and smooth out the job. I really want to get a robosander, but would like one of these as well, you can never have too much stuff. You'll find a use for everything eventually. Thanks for posting that, I had forgot about that tool and Rockler in general, just bookmarked it so I won't forget again! Jason

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I'm pretty sure what was posted before was just micro plane sandpaper, same stuff but for orbital sanders as opposed to this drill press outfit. I'll definitely pick up this and the robo-sander as i'm curious how they would compare.

EDIT: wow i didnt know you could get microplane rasps! how did you find them compared to conventional rasps?

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I always thought Microplane were most well-known for their rasps!

They are excellent compared to conventional rasps. Just like the claim for the RoboSander-type thing you shared with us, it removes small shavings rather than a bunch of dust. It works very quickly and yet not so quickly that you can't control the work. I got mine with an offset handle and 2 'inserts' so I can do either flat or curved rasping. The offset handle makes it easier to work without banging your knuckles up.

They're definitely the hand tool that gets used the most in my project, and is second in usefulness only to a router overall. I've only used it on maple and limba so far (well, and MDF. :D ) and it's been great. I don't imagine it would be effective on ebony because of ebony's grain and 'brittleness', but that's a matter of knowing the wood and tools, AND-- I could be wrong since I haven't actually tried it.

Can't imagine many situations in which you'd need it for fingerboard materials anyhow.


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