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Scalloped Strat ?


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ok guys .

i have just bought a new Ibanez JEM, and its great.i love the scalloping in the upper frets. i've got clumsy fingers, and the scallops stop me choking the strings out, and i'm sure i'm playing quicker up there too.

how do i repeat this on my USA strat rosewood board. i read the tutorial, but am worried about going through the inlays with the file.

should i finish of with wet/dry and lemon oil ?.

i have never done this before, so i don't want to screw it up. however i have a squire rosewood fingerboard i could try first.

but are the inlay depths similar ?.

or who would be the best person to send it to, to get it done ?.


Keith White.

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There is going to be a new tutorial up probably by the end of this next week on doing a whole board.

For the most part you need to worry most about going to deep especially on the low E side cause those side dot markers will show up on the surface.

You can use finer grit papers to smooth it out ( I go down to 2000 grit) and finish off with lemon oil just like you were asking (personaly on rosewood I use Murphy's Oil Soap).

The Maple boards are tricky because the black dots are always thin and will go away so unless you don't know how to inlay a dot or refinish a board with lacquer I would stay away from those.

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