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Spare Pickup Wire?


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well after multiple failed attempts at buying some #44 magnet wire on ebay, i decided to shoot this out here. does anyone have a bit of leftover 44 gauge pickup wire theyd be willing to sell me? im only doing one humbucker right now, just to get my feet wet, and not only do i not want to shell out 25 bucks for 1/2lb on stewmac, but i want 44 gauge since im gonna make a hotter pickup.

ive already made the bobbins and such, its a blade humbucker. going wlel so far.

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why don't you give allparts a call. they're in houston there somewhere. i'm not positive that they sell pup wire but they're generally cheaper than stewmac. you can get their number at www.allparts.com

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have you guys never been to an electronic's shop? i have at least 3 in the buisness park down the road, they carry every type of wire, for quite a bit less then stewmac i think

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have you guys never been to an electronic's shop?

Generally electronics shops sell speaker crossover enameled wire which, although can be pretty thin, is nothing like as thin as pickup wire...in general...err...unless you're really lucky in you're area....

Down here :D the only place I could find anything like that (the more typical 0.063mm) I could only find one place, anywhere (and they did'nt have a lot of stock on hand)...Isola Industries in Melbourne...and it took quite a bit to track 'em down...(and only sold in large reels...it's not something that you'd want to unwind for someone, it's very fragile...)

The price was calculated on the price of copper on the day...so fairly variable...

Out of interest though...this is crossover wire that is commonly available in electronics shops is the wire used to make the sustainer driver...0.2mm...and can be bought on a small reel enough to make several drivers for only a few bucks...quite a bit thicker than 0.063mm but still looks pretty thin)...sorry, couldn't resist some cross promotion.... :D


(was that you on the other forum?)...show us how you made you're bobbins and such...I've always found this to be the hardest part....


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its mildly messy. i used a dremel and the cd case method ive read about in other threads here(hooray for a newb that uses the search :D ) once i got to cutting the shapes and such the plastic got a bit soft, i sanded the edges best i can but the blades have some room in their slots.

http://photobucket.com/albums/b334/guitarmonky55/pickup/ <----pics there

the base of the pickup and the magnet are pulled from an old epiphone pickup that came in my g-400. the core of the bobbin is made from popsicle sticks. i glued 3 together, slit them for the blade and then shaved them down with the sanding barrel of the dremel.

the blades were some old hex wrench things i found in my garage(well technically parents, im only 17 :D ). i cut them down and ground with the dremel. they seem to conduct the magnetism very well, when i touch the magnet to them they have basically equal strength to the magnet alone.

im quite anxious to get started on this. i plan on putting it in my long long time project of rebuilding a beat up old flying v(im working on a really cool stained-design right now, ill post pics when done). i built a hand winder from my old legos(i knew theyd be useful someday!). its relatively slow, i practiced with the wire i took off from an old epi coil that was around 5k(i think this is awg43 too not sure). it took about 20 minutes to wind. im content, i have nothing better to do anyway B)

seeing as i have a buttload of wire for now, i plan on doing some experimental things. i want to try some of those rare earth magnets i see everyone discussing in the sustainer thread. and i have a few ideas for odd bobbin shapes/configurations/magnet placements and stuff. seeing as these pickups so far are costing me the price of wire i should be good to goof off for a while.

and yeah psw if you mean diystompboxes.com or guitarlodge.com i frequent both of those(although im still a mega noob in pedals, only 4 built and they look like ass so i dont talk as much as listen over there)


and about the electronics shops, ive searched high and low for a good one around houston and havent found one reasonably close enough(im out in sugar land, a suburb with too many rap fans)

[2nd edit]

and psw great job on those sustainers, im definitely going to build one over the next week or 2 as im very intrigued by this whole idea. im currently cooking up(the plans for) a 2 necked jem style guitar with a fretless neck and i think i may have found the perfect complement for the fretless.

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