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how would one go about this finish?

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Couple of ways.

1: invest a TON of cash into a chrome plating system, build a body from luthite, and triple plate it like Ibanez did with the JS10's.

2: Email the butchers at guns girls and guitars or whatever it is about their nickle plating for $300 or whatever and ruin your guitar.

3: Invest I think it's about $8000 total into the chrome paint system that is now available and spray it.

4: Well, I can't think of number 4.

Wish I had a better answer, I'd be doing it if I had a better answer. Chrome plating is NOT cheap and can be incredibly problematic.

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Well, email Rich Harris about what their work is like. Also, just look at any of the guitars they ebay, or even on their website, the plating is chipped around cavities, it's not smooth, it just looks bad. What they call a 2nd, I wouldn't call good enough for the reject bin personally. I have yet to see a guitar that looked good in pictures from them, and if they look bad in pic's, they generally look worse in real life.

As for how the strats were done, that I can't tell you. I would HOPE that a company like fender would do them properly and actually chrome them like Ibanez did with the JS10th's. I would also guess they are a luthite body on the strats.

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Paint the guitar body with conductive paint, get it copper plated, then chrome plated. Ask your chrome plater for more details.

Basically what my #1 was, properly chrome plated, but the problem with a wood body, is it moves, same problem the JS2's had, the original chrome JS"s look awful today because of the amount of movement in the wood.

Conductive paint is also easier to talk about than to use, and it's expensive. It also has to be absolutely perfect or the chrome will look like crap. Then you're looking at HUGE money to plate one single guitar.

As for the strats, Scott, that is a good reason :D

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