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Prs Style 1 Color Finish


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If that top is stained "3d style." it's really subtle. Definitely don't use a black stain as your initial stain if you want it to look like that. I would start with a burgundy and then sand back and then finally stain it red. Though I'm not even convinced that that finish is a sand back finish. Then again I was under the impression that all prs did was 3d.

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That, to me, looks like they did the basecoat in some sort of amber or orange, then used the red as a shader coat.

That does not look like a finish that is all on the wood, it looks like part is on the wood, part is in the finish as a shader, or toner, coat.

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Ask Southpa, he is in the middle of doing a 'poor boy' burst, which doesn't require any expensive equipment.

Look up his 'A Piece of Maple To Call My Own' thread, then look up finishes on the main page tutorial site, all the info you need is there, and it's enjoyable reading.

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