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Dill Bit Size

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I know this question seems like it would be easy to find using a search, but trust me, it isn't.

How do I know which size drill bit to use on the neck where it will be attached. I know it has to be smaller than the screw (that's obvious). I also know that the holes going through the guitar body for the screws have to be big enough for the screws to go through right?

I'm using standard stratocaster-style bolt-on screws with the back plate (off of stewmac).

if anyone can answer this or give me a link to where it is answered, I would be so happy, because tomorrow is my only day to use the drill press, or I have to wait a full week.

thank you! :D

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Take a piece of scrap wood and those screws and try different bits until you find the right one. If you dont have the screws yet dont drill anything.

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you probably already know this but you can make a simple depth gauge (to make sure that you don't drill all the way through the neck) with a small piece of masing tape wrapped around the bit at the proper depth...

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