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Amplifier Problems...


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Hey, all. I know this is more of an amp-related question, but here goes. I have a 130 watt mono- Samick bass amp that I play my guitar through 'cause I love the fat sound I get. Anyways, the thing is at least twenty five years old and the knobs crackle, pop, or squeal when I come within three inches of anything on that thing. I'm wondering this: In order to keep it, should I simply get the knobs and stuff cleaned and repaired, or could I replace the preamp for a guitar preamp...I'm just curious if that's possible. And if yes, what info would I need to gather to get the shop-keep to find me one that matches.



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Modding/replacing the preamp will probably lose you that fat sound you like, and probably cost you more than the whole thing is worth - chances are that cleaning the pots, and maybe replacing the filter caps in the power supply will get rid of the rice crispies. Is it solid state or tube?

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