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Blocking pot holes and shielding cavities??

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my last eBay score was a dirt cheap guitar (cost about $10). Neck is good, body is good but the (rear routed) electronics are screwed.

In the refinish i will be removing all electronics. It currently has a volume pot and 2 mini toggle switches. I want to replace this with a 2 x volume and a 3 way switch. However, this will require blocking off the mini toggle holes. What is the best way of doing this? The ways i can think of are

1) Carefully applied woodfiller

2) Dowels in the holes

3) Placing a block in the electronics cavity to block everything and start again

Which is the best option? Obviously no3 might effect the types of pot that can be used, an im not in favour of that. Any other suggestions appreciated.

Whilst im at it, is it worth shielding the electronics (and pickup?) cavity with aluminuim foil? Will this help reduce hum onstage?



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This might be disagreed with but if you're going to refinish the guitar in a solid colour, I'd be inclinded to knock the cavity completely through and glue in a piece of wood. Could be hard to do properly but it would give you some choices.

And definately sheild the cavity!!!

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