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water slide style decals

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hey, I am new to the board. my name is rowan. I recently got myself, on the cheap, a fender water slide style decals for a 60's jazz bass. Now before I go sand my logo of my jazz bass...how do I put this decal thing on? do I need to laquer it after? does it look good once it is on? whats the best way to get the orignal logo off? thanks in advance. great board you have here.


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Hi Rowan and welcome to the forum :D

The best way to sand off your original decal is to use a sanding block and start with 400-600 grit paper. It will take awhile before it sands off but you'll save a ton of time on the refinishing part once it's gone.

As far as water slides go they do very with the quality but in general you can soak them for 45 sec to 1 minute and it should slide right off the base. It would be best if you trimmed one edge of the backing paper close to the decal and used that as the edge to slide off of. That way you can hold the end of the decal where you want it on the headstock and just slip the paper out from underneath it.

As far as clearcoating goes be sure the decal has had time to dry first, then give it 3-4 fine coats of clear. Let that dry for up to three week's depending on the particular type of paint your using then you can buff it out.

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