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I'm building a neck first before i build the body?

can i put a angled headstock on it, what are the benefits and will i have to change anything on the body to accomodate this?

What is better for fretboard wood, ebony or rosewood?

What sort of fret wire should i use, i was thinking jumbo size?

I will definately need carbon rods for support won't i?

Will the neck wood being flatsawn affect anything? It's rock maple 13/16" x 4 1/2" x 34"

and lastly, what is the best type of nut to use? I play mostly slapping.


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Nice reply perry.

When i get the money i'll probably be buying the parts off you anyway.

Is their a tone difference between different nuts and fretboards?

Also is there any way youd be able to do the headstock angle for me, i just don't want to try it and screw it up

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I'll bet Perry would be happy to do the headstock for you, just as long as you have the $cratch to pay him for the neck, fretboard, body, finish and electronics too. And provided you know what you want.

If you want to get into building, go with a body first and just buy a neck off the rack (or eBay). Once you feel comfortable building bodies, try a neck. Its not that hard if you do your homework first.

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Erik, last I saw Perry was offering part made necks in various degrees of completion, as a service for DIYer's who didn't feel confident with certain steps. I guess that's what Deja meant.

To address the question of angled/non-angled heads in more depth:

An angled headstock will provide a steeper break angle over the nut, which is a good thing, since it aids tone (wooly wording I know, but I don't want to type an essay!) and cuts down on string noise/rattling behind the nut. Usually, a non angled head will require a string tree or bar to achieve the correct break angle. That's yer pro.

Cons? Well, the angle makes the neck more vulnerable to taking a knock - if you knock it over the back of the head is more likely to find the floor first. You'll also require more wood to do an angled head, though with a scarf joint the difference is minimal.

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I thought it would be better to build a neck first, more accurate when building a body and i thought if i did a neck prperly how bad could i possibly mess up the body.

For a bass neck ill have to finish the maple won't i.

Also is there a point in scalloping a bass neck, or is that sort of a guitar only thing?

I wish i was from the us, thisd make this stuff so much easier

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