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T. Rockfield ?

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i got a set of humbuckers off ebay, T. Rockfield, is the brand name i guess, does anyone know anything about them ? i put one into an old yamaha guitar i fixed up, it doesn't sound to bad, but thats being played with a 10w amp, so you never really know.

and does anyone wanna talk about my guitar i'm maikng ? it's my first from scratch guitar and it's looking not to bad. it's flat grain maple, two pieces laminated. with a maple neck, and a blood wood fret board. right now i'm kinda scared making the body out of solid maple, it's super ass heavy.

oh, this is my first post, so be nice. i don't know how things work yet. so be nice.


-Brent :D

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The only way I know how is too open up a photobucket account and link it from there. The account is free and it holds quite a bit of pics, well worth your while if you plan on post numerous pics on this site or others. I just wanted to also mention that you can use any site like photobucket, thats just the one I went through.

Sorry I don't know any other way to do it, thats how I do it when I post pics. And I believe the address is photobucket.com, check it out, it doesn't take long at all to sign up and get it going and as I mentioned it's free and you can't beat free! Later. Jason

EDIT:Damn you Russ, you got to it before me! I wanted to help him first! Damn these slow ass rhythm hands! :D

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I can play the "Don't Fear the Reaper" solo like nobody's business! :D

And even if I did have faster hands, it's not that that would make me post faster than you. The fact is that I keep it short and sweet is what gives me the advantage. You and your whole eloquent literacy BS! sheesh



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Looks good! I'm glad you got the pic to work! Have you ever thought about doing some slight chambering to lighten the weight a bit? I don't know if you want to do that though because you would have to add a top or something to cover the chambers, but it would be a bit lighter that way. Cool post some more pics of the project as you go! Good luck! Later. Jason

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i don't know what i'm going to do to deal with the weight, but i don't want to do anything to the top, i got it just the way i want it. i was thinking of doing something on the back side, any ideas ?

i hope it looks good, i spent almost a year thinking about building a guitar, and sketching out ideas. and thats the one that jumped out for me. i want to start my next one asap. wanted to get a nice piece of flame maple for the top, and some alder for the body, i think that should help with the weight a bit. and i have to say that bllod wood for a fret board is killer.

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