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Adding A Maple Top

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I know there probably won't be any issues with this, but is there any forseeable problem with me converting an old Teisco guitar body into a semi-hollow flat top? The process would include stripping all the finish (obviously), routing some cavities in it, and adding a maple top, just like you would any other semi-hollow. The old body is thin, so the addition of a 1/4 inch top would make it about normal thickness, not to mention allow me to slap a hardtail strat bridge onto it. Any problems that anyone can see?

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Does this guitar have a forarm rest on it, like a strat, or is it comleatly flat like a tele? Remember your going to have to raise the neck to compensate for the added hight of the top.

No armrest, just flat. I won't have to raise the neck up to compensate at all - as a matter of fact, this will help my action quite a bit. With the way its made right now, the top of the fretboard is damn near half an inch from the top of the body ( :D ). With the raised top, I'll be able to change to a hardtail strat bridge and have some nice string action once i get it refretted.

Some Teiscos are collectible, if not valuable. I'd just make a new body. Make or buy a neck, add some retro hardware, and bam. Instant Teisco DelReplicant.

Seriously, I'd check into the collectability before hacking it up.

Nah, this isn't one of the collectables, I've made sure of that. Its one of the ones that's from the same era and is a similar style, but really isn't worth much of anything. If I were looking for a Teisco as a collectors item (which I wouldn't mind having!), I would've looked a bit farther than this $50 eBay treasure. This one's basically just for prepping me for the scratch building of a guitar.

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What is it now? a TOM? Im really not familiar with thes guitars at all sorry. Does it have a rounded edge? How do you plan to conceal this if it does? Just trying to make you think abit more befor you go on.

Sorry if i make no sense, its realy late here and im tierd.

Right now its the basic 60's MIJ piece of junk bridge - thick metal baseplate with two posts coming off it, with thumbwheels between the base and a nice thick metal blade, no way to adjust intonation.

As for the rounded edge, I've been thinking about that also. Its a very slight rounded edge.. about the same as a Tele, maybe a bit less than that even. It's already a small guitar, but I suppose I could could construct a template maybe 1/8 of an inch or so, maybe less, smaller than the guitar itself, then run a router with a flush-trim around the edge, giving it a nice crisp edge. That'll give me a nice crisp edge to work with.

I thank you for discussing this with me, I just feel like I should run this by someone with a bit more experience, making sure I'm not missing anything important.. By the way, here's a (crappy) pic of the guitar:


Its a crappy pic but you get the jest of it.

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I wouldn’t do this. Some years ago (like 15 or so) I had a really cool, red vinyl covered (yes exactly like a speaker cabinet) Höfner Strat rip-off from late 60-s or early 70-s. This guitar was then worth absolute NOTHING. I took off the vinyl covering and finished it with clear lacquer. I later trashed the guitar completely and reused the pickups and the fretboard for another project.

The other day I walked into a second hand guitar store and found a guitar much he same but in white. It was now worth more than 6000 Swedish Crowns (=around 750$)!!!

So I say:

Build a replica body, use the neck, put away all of the pieces you got left and remember were you put them. It might come a day when you, just like me, badly regret what you have done, and would like to reassemble the guitar. It might also be easier to build a solid body instead of what you planning.

But if you decide to go ahead with this:

Good luck and I hope that you succeed


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