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my first project

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Guest AlexVDL
looks good!!! I'm wondering about the headstock, why not put the glue joint under the fingerboard? Scarf joint

Probably because this way you have a bigger glued surface, so it's stronger :D

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Are you using the "Fuzz Research Labs 1959 LP JR" plans? I'm making by guitar with them (some modifications though, larger scale length, bolt-on neck, different wiring) I was originally going to make a BC Rich Beast style guitar, but the thought of cutting the body shape out scared the sh!t outta me. If these are the plans you are using I would be interested in trading notes with you on it.


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scott, i did the head that way, because i didn´t have enough wood for the neck, the piece i bought was meant for a bolt on no angled headstock, and the lp dc has 7 cm of wood into the body of the guitar, so i took that piece from lefties from the body, i would have liked to be ablo to put the grain in the same direction, but wasn´t able to do it B)

aaron, i´m using those plans indeed, with a few mods as you, theese are:

string through body (no tailpiece)

tune-o-matic recessed into the body, so i don´t hace to worry about neck angle

24 frets or maybe longer to hide the joint to the body, cos i´m not using neither two pick ups or a pickguard, another option is to paint the front of a solid color.

i´m also thinking about fitting a tune-o-matic piezo bridge, but don´t know if it´s worth it (does anybody knows if it truly sounds acoustically or maybe not like an acoustic but only good?)

the last thing i´ve been messing around with is changing the pots with those potentiometers that slide, tiny ones, i think i´d like how it would look, but maybe it´s a bit annoying when using it.

my mail is caballo_d_carton@hotmail.com, feel free to mail me if you like, or just post here, i read it all :D

see you

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