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I'm considering attempting to build a left-handed RG style guitar but with a fixed bridge (probably a tune-o-matic). I'm just wondering which bits of hardware I need to buy left handed?

I know I need lefty tuners. As far as I can see all tune-o-matic style bridges are the same? Also as far as I can see nuts are all the same? Correct me if i'm wrong.

Anything i've missed? Thanks :D

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Tuners may have to be different depending the headstock, 3 a side or reverse dont require left handed parts. Tune0matics are the same. Nuts are usually made from a piece of bone or plastic and can be slotted to suit. You can also get left handed control pots but these are not essential.

Good luck

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For "left hand pots" just use the other lug on the pot and you're there. It might be hard to find knobs that go the other way around

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