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Ibanez RG Body Swap

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I won an Ibanez RG570 guitar in Iron Pewter recently off of ebay, i'll be receiving it soon.

i also got me an Ibanez RG570 body in Rootbeer Metallic, also off of ebay (i have it now).

Now i want to disassemble the guitar, and then assemble the parts onto the Rootbeer Metallic body, 'cause i am obsessed with the Rootbeer Metallic color :D .

this seems kinda daunting to me.

Now what order should i dissassemble the guitar and assemble the guitar?

here's what i was thinking (i'll probably need help doing these steps too B))


1. Open cavity cover, Remove trem with strings on (this is the best option right? 'cause i looked at Rich Harris's tech section on the site, it looks like it's gonna be a tad difficult...)

2. Unscrew neck (this sounds easy, but is there anything i need to know though?)

3. Remove pickups and wiring. how do i do this, and what do i first.....


1. Wire pickups

2. Screw on neck (anything i need to know here?)

3. Attach trem

4. Set up.

do i have the order right? what else do i need to do or know?

any help would be appreciated. thanks :D

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sounds ok to me. is the 570 rear-routed? I'd use a digital camera to get some pics of the control cavity and wiring, just in case.

oh, I suppose you're going to take the strings off first, right?

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ya, after you un-tighten the strings, and pull off the springs with some needle nose plyers then the bridge will literaly fall out of the guitar if it's upside down.

Tor electronics u want to take some pictures, and really goodones of how all the wires go, then draw a little sketch of where all the wires go, ALL OF THEM! (u should have any "extra" ones when u put the guitar packtogether) Then take out ur soldering gun and melt all the solder on the pots, and selector switch so that the wires can be lightly tugged free, once all four (or maybe just 2 or 3) wires have been freed for each pickup u can take off the h-rings (if there are any). For the pots ull have to yank off the knobs on the top to get access to the nut on the shaft, losen that with some plyers, or preferably the right size wrench. yada yada, now just reverse that process to put it back together

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it's actually not iron pewter, the pic that the seller sent me was dark :D

it's actually silver

but yeah, i'll be selling it on Ebay soon, in a few weeks.

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