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Looking For A Motor 203c


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What piece of Godforsaken arcane antique crap have you stumbled onto this time?

You need to establish a close personal relationship with an electric motor shop. Most places of any size have one. Aren't you near Detriot? Should be one in the yellow pages. Here in podunk Richmond we have Roy's Electric Motor Service which has been around so long that I think it started out as Roy's Water Wheel Service. It's full of old guys (even older than me) with grey Vitalised ducktail haircuts and they can either fix or find anything.

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I may dump the big one. Its nice and all of that but wife is not sooooo happy with it. This smaller one I can get into the basement....

I like replacing the motors since I know its new and don't have to worry about it at all. Plus some motors are cheaper than others. I may just find a motor with the same shaft size and rig it so it fits correctly

With a phase converter, I need 6 gauge to the garage... I can't run another line.


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Get in touch with Onsrud. They are a great company for customer service. They may be able to sell you the motor that you need and if they can't they'll probably be able to steer you to someone who can.

This is a lot more practical for what you're doing than that 2 ton gorilla you have been playing with.

One of my old shop partners has a Onsrud CNC monster and it is absolutely unbelievable.

I've used one similar to the one you just got and it is one of those tools that has nothing to improve. Simple, sweet and really well made.

Oh, I have a phase inverter and I don't have it hooked up with 6 guage. I've had it in my current shop for five years or so and I haven't had any trouble. I had my electrician go over everything when we moved all the equipment around In June. No signs of overheating or other problems and I have a really fussy union electricain.

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