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Question About A Burst

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I was thinking of doing a light blue (very light blue) to white burst. Just like the Halo Glacier on LGM guitars site only transparant. I could just stain the whole top the color of blue I want and than burst white spray paint around the edges but than the white wouldn'y be transparant. Is there such a thing as white stain?

Anyone have any ideas on how I might acheive this finish?

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hey godin,

i've done some wipe on dye bursting and to be honest. the closest i've seen to a white dye is a silver grey available at http://www.wdlockwood.com/main.html

you might be able to delute it enough and brighten it up. (not sure on this one)

its in the alchohol soluable section i think.

you might be better off trying the spray and having a big fade so that it gives a transparent effect. (like VERY small particles) so that it will still show blue below that. (if thats what your looking for)

i think that would look great.

just some ideas since you were looking.


:D cheers.

helps. if i can spell... lol

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Godin, I don't know if you rememmber but this was disscussed to eath a few months back. Like Drak said, a white pigment is the way to go. Or you can get translucent white paint from any hobby shop, especialy for airbrushing, and then you can add more extender or denaturated alcohol to make it more transparent.

Ah, and make sure you seal between the stain and the paint, because if you thin it with either it will make the stain bleed thru.

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