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Fret Pulling

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don't know what's available around you but i bought a back up set of flat ground nippers at my local hardware store's bargain (see chinese made) bin for about $4.00. i'm afraid that trying it with anything else is going to damage your fretboard.

the only option that comes to mind is taking a mini flat bladed screwdriver and trying to wedge it in from the end and prying up that way but again, be careful that you don't damage your fretboard.

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Found something that works, though I'm not sure about it working on all the frets withoutdamaging the board. I took a sharp poker-thing (?) and wedged the tip into the side of the fretslot, which pushed the fret up and out nicely, but due to overzealousness the board got a couple of small chips. Nothing that can't be sanded out in the radiusing. I may try doing the same thing, only heating the frets slightly. It might reduce the risk of serious board damage due to tenacious glue... I'll also try the flat-head driver idea.

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I just use Fret Cutters to pull frets when I have a problem. Just heat up the fret like was already suggested starting at one end and using the fret cutter to get the fret out.


You can get a pair of fret cutters from Stew Mac here..

If you have a do it yourself notion, you can find a pair of Channel Lock End Nippers at a local hardware store, and ground the ends flat. But I'm pretty sure you won't have much success with the screw driver trick without getting frustrated, and busting up the fingerboard.

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