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edge trem posts replacements

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hey people B)

i broke one tremolo post on my ibanez edge trem :D

i think it would be easiest for me to order replacements from stewmac,

but these are the best i could find:


i wonder if anyone of you has any experience with them? is this the same anchor diameter like on edge?

filling old holes and drilling new ones wouldn't be a problem.

i could buy a pair from you guys, or even just one used (or new) post+anchor, but i would send you money by mail because i have no credit card ( i would buy from stewmac through a friend who buys stuff from them often). any ideas or recommendations?


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Threy'll probably work, but I doubt they'll thread into the inserts in your body, thats why I suggested the real Ibanez posts, it seems you're making more work for yourself than neccessary

don't worry, the holes are already filled.

i will install new anchors anyway, be it ibanez or replacement.

i sent an e-mail to vwall, so i'll see how complicated is to buy from him.

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Or just go down to your local Ibanez dealer, they can order them. I'd use the Ibanez studs, the OFR & Edge studs are not interchangable. The issue is, will the IBZ trem work with those studs. I know for a fact the OFR trem won't work correctly with IBZ studs and the reverse is likely so.

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