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Neckthru Profile Question

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Here is my dilema guys, I have all my plans completly done for my ironbird, everything is ready but im not sure how im going to go forward with cutting out my neck blank! i was figuring 1 of 3 options, and i would appriate some insight on all of them if possible.

1. Bandsaw the basic side profile and plane the top of the neck down to proper the proper angle.

2. create a template and route the "side" profile of the neck, the plane down the top to proper angle

3. go the old fashioned route and just start hacking away at my blank checking my progress with my templates as i go (not my first choice...)

I know theres not really a "right" way to do this, everybody has a different way of building (the concepts are all the same though) i just dont want to really mess up my first neckthru! (using carvin necks right now would make me really happy, but i decided not to use them anymore!)

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