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Cool Inlays


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My school has on of those fancy pants CAD CAM machines, and im trying to think of a really cool inlay to put on my fretboard, so please post something to get my brain going!

I've done a search on inlay pics but didnt come up with much so please forgive me if theres loads of posts on this already :D

Cheers Noddy :D

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Here's a concept I've always wanted to mess with:

Carve the text from the Ring from The Lord of the Rings through an ebony fretboard, and then fill the gap with clear epoxy, and then knock back the epoxy to a matte finish. Then, make a neck that has amber LEDs running underneath the inlay, causing the text to glow orange from inside the neck! Mwahahaha!

You could even set up a circuit that causes the LEDs to change brightness with the output of the guitar, so it flickered as you played.

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