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Heel Thickness

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I wouldn't go less than 3/4" at the minimum, thicker a bit better, for a bolt-on neck, but I'd be curious to hear about anyone who's gone thinner. I'm a set neck man m'self, mostly. Look at Warmoth's website for their angled heel, although keep in mind most of the screws there are at full depth.

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There's about half an inch below the neck joint on my Melody Maker (the body on this one is very thin).

And to answer your next question, no there is no super long tenon on this one. In fact, the heel ends pretty much at the end of the fretboard, like a bolt on.

That joint has held for 40 years now.

Nuff said?

Wait, this is a set neck, yeah? Slightly different rules apply there. Once it's glued together, it acts like one solid piece of work. A bolt on neck has different strains/stresses on it, overall.

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Well the Tele has 1 1/8" under the heel of the neck... so I might try and shave that down to 3/4 or 7/8. That would allow me to have the totall thickness of the body around 1 1/2"... Nice thickness I think. I wanted something between the thickness of my Teisco (1 1/4" I think) and my Tele (1 3/4"). I could go thinner on the body if I was setting the guitar up like the teisco - high bridge with the neck set very proud of the body... but the feel of all that space between the body and strings is just so unnerving.

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