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Should I Buy This?


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i've got two 12" bandsaws in my storeroom..for me they just don't have the juevos for what i'm doing so i can't imagine that a 9" would..'course i get a little impatient too and if your budget or space is a concern and you take your time and not horse the wood through then i imagine that it would work fine.

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Bugman, I have that bandsaw. Paid $99 for it just like Wes says. I bought it because of space limitations - needed a benchtop model that I could move around. It works fine for what it is. I've cut out 4 bodies including a 2 7/16" thick mahogany/maple Les Paul body. Can't cut out a body all in one go so it takes multiple passes - just takes a few minutes. I've also used it to cut neck blanks out of 3" laminated mahogany. The resulting cuts require a bit of clean up but it has done the job for me until I get my dream shop. :D

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