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Tele 6 Barrel Bridge

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Unfortunately, I don't have the guitar at my house so can't check anything further. Belongs to #1 son. I know it doesn't have any markings on the neck plate so probably have to remove the neck if I wanted to to check for serial numbers.

My real interest is in the bridge itself vs age specifically. I haven't seen that type bridge before on a Tele (don't have extensive experience either) but it isn't the usual type of stamped steel bridge.

Not sure if the saddles are original or not, but the barrels are made of the same material and the bridge was clearly designed for six saddles.

Jay 5, interesting observation. I checked out some G&L material and I can see why you say that. It interests me that this bridge is stamped Fender pat pending, so maybe it went on to live as a G&L prototype.

I'll try on the TDPRI to see if I can find out more.

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