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Truss Rod Help Plz


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Im building a Polka Randy rhoads V and ive put the double action truss rod in so you have access via the neck pickup cavity .

My question is whats the best way to cover the top of the guitar truss rod channel that runs between the end of the finger board and the pickup cavity . The top of the truss rod allan nut is just below the guitar top and ends inbetween the end of the fret board and neck pickup cavity , im guessing i should use a thin bit of wood and glue it on top . ?

How do i do this without glueing the rod , or should i do it another way .

Any help would be a big help as im kinda stumped


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Depends on the rod. Many (most?) dual action rods don't need a wood spline on top of the rod, and simply 'push up' against the fingerboard. If you want a spline, glue it in with just enough wood glue (titebond, f'r example) to coat the edges of the spline lightly, clamp, and leave alone. Titebond doesn't bond with metal much at all, although you can always wrap the rod in heatshrink tubing or similar to make sure the glue stays off.

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It's really a cosmetic issue, so you can do whatever looks good to you. If you have a pickguard, you can cover it with that. You could glue in a wood block as mentioned. You could add a small cover over it. It won't take much glue to hold a filler block in place, since there is no force on it (it doesn't need to be that strong).

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