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Problem With My Jackson Dkmg


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i have a Jackson DKMG and there are a few problems with it.

first of all it seems that the licensed floyd rose is bending backwards and people have told me it needs to be parrallel to the body. how would i do this?

also it seems that i cannot pull up on the floyd rose. i can divebomb but i cannot pull up. someone told me it is because i am missing a spring in the back of the guitar. . what could be the problem? i have 4 springs, but one of them is diagonal and hooking onto another hook then the one that is directly across from it like the other spings. so it is 3 verticle springs, and 1 diagonal spring. i don't know if that means i am missing one, or if that is good or bad.

also some notes past the 12th fret do not ring, they just sound dead. and sometimes when i bend some notes past the 12th fret, the bend dies in half a second. however, it seems the action is very high for a jackson guitar. what could be the remedy for this?

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Just quickly as i'm sure this is covered somewhere on here.

You have too much spring tension hence the problems.

Firstly i'd take a spring out, the one that's diagonal seems the likely candidate. If the base plate still isn't level - or near as damn it - release some of the tension of the claw (that's the thing that attaches the spring's to the body) by unscrewing both screws a turn at a time. Whilst doing this make sure the nut is unlocked and each time you make an adjustment retune. After a fair while of mucking about you should see your trem parallel to the body allowing for upward as well as downward travel.

Jem :D

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if u cant pull up, probably 1 of2 things

1. your trem is actually leaning on your body


2. your trem is blocked, meaning there is somthing in between the trem block and the body cavity.

to fix 1, remove the diagonal spring, re-tune ect, (take out middle spring as well if necessary). if your trem is blocked take the thing that is stopping it from pulling up (peice of wood or somthing)

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