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da fugg?

Power Violence

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Ok seymour duncan's wiring charts are really weird... and to me it doesn't look like it should work


if that diagram is correct

What are your humbucker wiring color codes?

All Seymour Duncan humbuckers with four-conductor hookup wires incorporate a standard wire color code.

Green = beginning of adjustable coil

Red = finish of adjustable coil

Black = beginning of stud coil

White = finish of stud coil

For standard series humbucking operation on a 4-Conductor wired humbucker the White & Red wires are soldered together and taped; Green is ground and Black is Hot Output. The bare wire is also grounded.

so the two finishes are wired together...

Wouldn't that be in phase parrallel instead of in phase series like it is supposed to be?

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all this electrical hooie has always put my brain in knots, like i can follow diagrams, and wire my own guitars, but i just wish i could be a spec of energy and flow through the wires for a minute or two so i actually understood how everything worked. like really worked... withouth having to read up on electronic currents etc.

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