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Annoying Problem On Pick Up...


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Hi, i have this really annoying pick up problem on my Ibanez Jem.

What happens is when i'm playing the pickup loses power almost. At first i thought it was a wiring problem so looked at it, i couldn't find anything wrong so i took it the guitar shop. They said it needed a new input socket, fitted one and gave it back. But the problem came back! If you tap on the pickup when the problem happens the sound usually comes back on.

The sound just drops in volume andpower and becomes really weak.

Can anyone help me out on this? Is it a internal pickup problem?

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Unless you want to get into rewinding pickups, do yourself a favor, and simply replace the pickup. It's the perfect opportunity if you are interested in winding your own, but keep in mind that the learning curve can be mighty steep.

does that mean that it going to end up costing more than a new one, you might end up winding two or three fingers into the pup, you might put an eye out or all of the above? :D

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