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Pickup mounting screws

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For direct-mounting pickups, what diameter screw do I need, and roughly how long are they usually made?

Also, what companies (eg Dimarzio, EMG, Seymour Duncan, Allparts) manufacture these?


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do yourself a favor.go to the local hardware strore with your pickup in hand and find a screw small enough to go through the ears of your pickup without messing up your threads.that way you can reuse the pickup in the future.which trust me....you will.if you can't find any use these

they are what i use.but only when you are truly direct mounting it.they are not long enough for a spring(i use them for screwing directly to the wood)they are small enough to not mess up your threads.

p.s. they are #4 screws(that is the diameter)

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I use the same screws that are used to attach the mounting rings to the guitar, they fit perfectly through the ears on a Dimarzio or Duncan Pickup. if you use a coutersink bit to reomve a little wood right under the ears of the pickup you dont even have to grind the threaded part out of the pickup ears to get the pickup to sit level

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