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Sanding While Using Ktm-9

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I think all you need to do is a light 600 grit to allow the next coat to grab. If there are runs you might want to remove them but be cautious as the last thing you need is a 'rub through'...Care round the edges!!!!

As for the number of coats...it's hard to say..are they going on thick or thin?..if you see what I mean.

When you rub to gloss or matte you will be working on the lacquer itself so make sure there's enough. Will it affect the tone? Don't go there!!!

You could probably go from 600 grit to 0000 steel wool to rottenstone (or some of the Meguiar's preps)..I have used rottenstone as above followed by Gibson guitar polish and I got a result that I'm happy with.I do mean a good shiny gloss.Could I have done better? Sure..but you have to stop somewhere.

Don't let the mistakes throw you. Finishing is very time consuming..( a friend of mine always has three projects going at once because you might have to wait weeks between steps).

Enjoy the journey.


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Follow the ktm9 procedures very carefully, you have a very short window in which you must apply all of the successive coats if you want them to properly adhere to one another. Give it ample time to dry before you subject to it to the "real world" of playing. It will never really get as hard as a nitro finish, the poly/oil finishes I use tend to look better after use (and from the very beginning IMO) because they dony show all of the little marks and scratches.

On another note, I found it very un-abnoxious to work with, extremely low on the toxins and smells.

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Ultrazone: hit LMI's website, and read through Greven and/or Mike Doolin's excellent how-to tutorials on how to deal with KTM-9. Complete, detailed finishing schedule there, and should answer all your questions. Acoustic, electric, shouldn't make a difference.

you can get the instructions at lmii.com click the ktm9 link on the homepage. ive used ktm9 and i get a sore throat and heartburn everytime i go near the guitar finished with it. it also smells wiered. u experiencing any similar issues?


That's...bizarre. And the first time I've ever heard of anyone being sensitive to a fully cured guitar finished in KTM. Compared to Nitro, the stuff's practically non-toxic, after all. It shouldn't really smell much at all once it's cured and done. Contact Grafted Coatings, ask them if they've heard about any hypersensitivity reactions to their product, and check the MSDS for KTM.

I do assume you used proper protective gear (respirator and gloves) while finishing, right? Just because it's water based doesn't mean it's completely safe.

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