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Removing Studs

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I've made a stupid mistake. Not the first one and probably not the last one either. :D I'm building a neck thru explorer. But there's no neck angle (just like a stratocaster). It has a tune o matic bridge which I got for free from a friend. It's a bridge from an Ibanez artist. So I routed a space for the TOM bridge BUT not deep enough. :D

The problem is that I can't get the studs, I think that's what there called, out.

I've drilled a hole, glued them with epoxy and hammered them in.

I want to get them out so I can route a little deeper.

(With studs I mean the threaded devices that sit in the body and you screw the bridge on)

Hope someone has a tip



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They'll pop out with no trouble if you use a soldering iron to heat them up first. Find out the thread they use, and get a matching bolt - a nice long one. Screw it into the bushing until you hit the bottom, then keep turning it. The bushing will be drawn up the bolt, and out of the body. If it siezes, heat it again, then continue.

Most epoxies go soft with relatively little heat, so you don't want to pay any attention to the reputation epoxy has fpr being irreversable.

Oh, and FYI, the stud is the piece which the bridge/tailpiece mounts on. The bit which is fitted into the body is a bushing.

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This is good to know as I did the same thing on my old Strat. It used to have the "woodscrew" type Floyd Rose studs, but I drilled the holes larger to put in bushings. Only I drilled too big. They were loose. So I epoxied them in.

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