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Neck Reset???

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I have not been a member for very long and don't know all the rules about posting (recommending products), so if I am out of line here let me know.

But, this might save someone some big bucks.

I noticed over the years that I had to keep lowering the saddle on my Alvarez acoustic. Finally realized that a bulge was slowly developing behind the bridge (from string tension).

As I looked on the internet for the fix "neck reset" kept coming up, but at $300-400, that was beyond my budget and not worth doing on a $300 guitar.

I finally found a product that looked promising. It was cheap and I could do it myself. I ordered one, installed it and it worked! Also made my guitar sound better!

I am not associated with this company in any way. Would be glad to post their website. Someone let me know if this is okay.

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