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Measuring Angles


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I've been working on plans for my first set neck guitar and was planning on building a neck jig. As I was thinking about building it I pulled out my neice's 7th grade protractor and found it difficult to use as the axis was about an inch from the bottom or the protractor.

it is great for measuring 2 dimensional angles on paper, but I found it difficult to use on pieces of wood.

can anyone suggest a better tool for measuring small angles???

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Thats the short answer? That protractor is pretty damn quick IMO.

thanks for the input. I was just looking at the leevalley page at the assortment of protractors. I will give one of them a shot.

I will also look into the doing it the "math" way. I was never very good at math and thought I'd like to take some courses now that I'm older (and maybe wiser :D )

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