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Heel Thickness

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Ok, on the guitar I'm building I was basing the neck joint on my PRS CE22 which obviously is a bolt on, however the guitar that I'm building is a set neck. The thickness of the neck at the heel on the PRS is 1 3/8", so that's what I had planned to make as the thickness of the heel on my guitar. HOWEVER looking at some wood for sale for necks I've found most are like 7/8" and 13/16". So I'm guesssing I can make my glued in joint alot thinner than 1 3/8". What's ya'll's rule of thumb?

Also, if I plan to cut the 13 degrees directly into the wood (ie: no scarf joint) how thick you guys think I should buy my wood?



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Well I only made the plans like that cause I thought I had to. If I can get away with making it thinner, then I'd jump at the opportunity.

But yeah, alot of the neck blanks from fryovanni seem to be long enough to cut and glue that little extra thickness... and sicne it'll be right up by, and IN the neck joint... I guess it wouldn't be so bad.


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