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B4 and after

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before-lacquer on Carvin B4 alder bass kit.Wanted a change.

after- Brazilion rosewood top added also on head stock.This is 2pcs seamed to form a figure that looks like a flame.The edges are from light.This time around I used a water based acrylic poly,very durable.I can't tell you how much better this made in the sound and resonance of this bass.The only thing I can atribute this to is added mass.Truely came alive.Check out the grain points around neck. 2 1/2 days to do complete job.Why the rush?

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Thanks guys.I was going to do flame maple but got this veneer cheap off ebay.also for some cabinet doors.

I learned not to try and overlap veneer on the sides of the guitar because you're going to trim back to make contoured edges anyway.Also plan your design layout completely before you start,I did one half then decided I didn't like the way I had the grain pattern and had to remove.Not fun. I also was going to do a burst to hide edge but decided I like this way.The bass is tonaly amazing now.Evan if for sound alone it was well worth it.I love it!

Anyone considering doing-check the tutorial by Brian.


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