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Les Pauls...


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Hope I inspired someone to at least massacre an Epiphone copy. B)

I'm just about to start working on my 1st kit. It's starting out life as a Tele copy. A monkey grip is on the list of many modifications. I'll be sure to post plenty of pictures for y'all.

Oh there's so much to do... wish me luck. :D

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what would the oldstyle grip look like on a Les Paul?

Oops... I did it again :D


I like the Jem style controls. Nice touch.

Time for the challenge level now...

Can you make a Paul all carved out to look like fire (like the strat that Steve Vai played in "Goin Crazy").

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Guest AlexVDL
ok i got creative with the colorbursts, i have an interesting looking as close to swirl as the site would let me, im have a neato allmost jem looking guitar, now how do i save it and post the picture on this forum, also where did u get that monkey grip and incorporate it, its all i need to complete my virtual les paul


I just cut and paste the monkey grips from a guitar at the jemsite.

Play a little with the colors and you get a les paul with monkey grip :D

To save images, just right click and choose save picture as....

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