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Ibanez 540s

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S's have always been Mahogany, so I'd confirm that it's basswood if I were you. Also I'd try to confirm that it's a N. Hollywood custom, and not just a custom job. It looks fraudulent. Why would N. Hollywood put a vine inlay in there AND the abalone ovals too? It's most likely a vine inlay job on a regular 540S that has no other custom features whatsoever. Clearly the vine inlay was added after the neck was made in Japan. Now maybe they made the body here out of basswood as a custom of sorts, and maybe it's worth the money, but a typical Japanese "S" guitar is a great guitar, that's worth anywhere from $300-$500, more if there are fancy features. Sometimes they called them 540S, sometimes S540. There's no real meaningful difference between the name change. That's about it.

EDIT: The North Hollywood neckplate came on lots of guitars. It's like the Bensalem PA neckplate. It doesn't mean it was made there, just shipped there.

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