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simple amp


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i know that people have asked for simple amp schematics before but i want to replicate my squier 10watt practice amp (or siimilar) basically i want to build about 10 and make a wall of sound

so i need the simplest schematics possible because i 'm a dunderhead with a soldering iron and i know how to use it.

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thanx brian...but nothing that i can use...


the keyword here is SIMPLE....i don't care one bit about sound quality i just want the absolute simplest amp possible....preferably cheap....i justwant to builda simple piece of crap that is suitable for a first amp project...5-10watts max (or less)

BTW which is easier...solid state or valve???

don't forget...SIMPLE!!!!

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Solid state is definitely simpler and less likely to kill you. With valves you have to mess about with DC of around 250 to 350 volts.

Go to R.G.Keens site GEO and search for the Mini-Tubes project. It is a simple guitar pre-amplifier with printed circuit layout. All you then need is a power amp to drive the speakers. I recommend using one of the TDA series chips, they range from around 2 Watts to about 50 Watts. A power supply of 9 to 12v DC will power the whole thing.

Also have a look at Elliot sound products for all sorts of audio based projects including a solid state simulation of the VOX AC30.

Good Luck


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