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Aerosal Spray Lacquer

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You can get good results if you put on a lot of coats. Do a search under the tutorial section, someone did a real good tutorial that helped me out a lot. I think it might have been LGM. As far as the respirator... DEFINATELY invest in a good one. I sprayed my first coat of nitrocellulose laquer and it made my throat sore for about 3 days. After that I wore one everytime. I sprayed a thin coat too, due to the fact it was the first coat. The stew-mac laquer is good too, just make sure not to use it when its humid out, i did it on a misty rainy day during a break when it wasnt raining.. and it made my finish bubble up. Which it kind of a pain to fix. Just read the tutorial though, its pretty thorough in how to use rattle cans.

EDIT: Heres the link:


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No kidding possum, you didn't even bother to look for any info on this. Pretty much half of the people here use spraycan lacquer. There's a point where your laziness becomes a burden to other people.

The only reason I'm responding to this thread is because I feel you can't repeat too often a few basic safety precautions.

And here's one: ANYTHING that comes out of ANY spraycan containing solvents is potentially lethal and definitely toxic.

Got that? It's the solvents that are going to destroy your lungs, screw up your brain, give you cancer, and plenty of other health complaints. This stuff gets into your lungs and just sits there. If you have a sore throat from it, it means you've already done some serious damage to yourself.

You need to use a respirator --not a dust mask, but a real respirator with the proper filters. They don't cost much and they'll save your health and possibly your life.

Basically, if you can smell it, you're breathing it.

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